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Indoor Wall Garden Kit

The simple-to-use trays let you water your vertical wall garden in minutes

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Do you have friends or loved ones who have green thumbs but no place for a garden? The Vertibloom Living Wall Garden Starter Kit will make a perfect gift for them. Each of these indoor wall garden kits include:
  • Two mounting boards to serve as the base for the vertical wall planter set-up
  • Two small and one large pod for herbs
  • Two small and one large pod for flowers
  • Easy to clean and removable drain trays for each pod
  • Screws, drywall anchors, brackets, and connectors for hassle-free installation
  • Modern design, lightweight, and durable
With just the basic tools, your recipients can get the Modular Indoor Vertical Planter System up on their walls in a matter of minutes. They can also take them out or place them on the windowsill to catch some sunlight, thanks to the pods’ flat bottom design. Let them use their creativity to arrange the portable wall planters any way they like and put their green thumbs to work.

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The Indoor Wall Garden Kit is a perfect gift for women who are 18 to 79 years old and are interested in floral or lifestyle gifts. Therefore this gift is ideal for your own grandma or mother and costs 34.95 dollars.

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