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Kuzy - ORANGE Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Pro 13.3"

A1502 / A1425 (NEWEST VERSION) Shell Cover - Triangle ORANGE

  • Apple Logo shines through the case
  • Fully vented for safe heat disbursement
  • Protects your MacBook Pro from scrapes and scratches

What you should know about this gift

Laptops serve an important function on college campuses, in business, and in everyday life. Important electronics should be kept in protective cases but they do not have to be ugly and bukly. Avoid scratches and scrapes on 13in MacBook Pro and showcase the owner's personality with hard plastic shell with intricate triangle design. Rubberized paint gives the plastic a smooth but grippy texture. The case features easy to install top and bottom pieces that allow laptop to open and close completely and do not block access to side ports. Air vents on the bottom disburse heat and prevent laptop from overheating. The colorful triangle design with bright orange bottom makes an artistic statement in lecture hall, classroom, library, conference room and more. 

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About the Kuzy - ORANGE Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Pro 13.3", women happy at the age of 18 to 39 years, who are interested in a adult, gadgets or practical gift. Therefore, this gift is ideal for your own friend or daughter. The Kuzy - ORANGE Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Pro 13.3" costs 26.99 dollars.

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