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Self balancing electric Skateboard

One wheel electric skateboard travels at max speed of 15mph

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Enjoy the floating feeling of snowboarding year round and on dry land with one wheel electric skateboard. Flux motor and rechargeable lithium battery sits inside a single large wheel. Skateboard can be used on roads to get from one place to another or off road for a fun and adventurous activity.. Skateboard travels up 15mph and for 6-7 miles before needing to recharge, which only takes 20 minutes. LED head and tail lights let you see where you’re going and then switch from headlights to tail lights when you change direction. Skateboarding enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies will love this new take on the classic skateboard.

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About the Self balancing electric Skateboard, men happy at the age of 13 to 29 years, who are interested in a luxury gift. Therefore, this gift is ideal for your own son. The Self balancing electric Skateboard costs 1,499.00 dollars.

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