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Warm cocktail recipe book

Make hot toddies and mulled wine and cider with creative book

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Winter can be dreary and sad and sometimes people need a pick me up. Rather than enjoying a cold beer or a freezing margarita, make a delicious warm winter cocktail from a fantastic recipe book. Fight off the winter sads with delicious hot buttered rum, mulled white wine, English Christmas punch, salted caramel hot chocolate, and Kentucky baby. This book contains over 100 recipes and is a perfect Christmas gift. The book provides a comprehensive guide to crafting great cocktails and includes a guide to keeping a well stocked pantry, fridge basics, flavored rims, muddling, ice molds, and more. Chapters include:
  • Hot toddies and mulled drinks
  • Eggnog, hot chocolate, coffee and tea
  • Punches and pitchers
  • Chilled winter cocktails
  • Underpinnings, infused liquors, simple syrups
  • Small bites
This book is great for someone who loves to host parties and wants to create unique and tasty drinks. You can give this gift to a friend who loves hanging out in a ski lodge or enjoys winter camping.

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The Warm cocktail recipe book is a perfect gift for women who are 21 to 49 years old and are interested in books or wine + spirits gifts. Therefore this gift is ideal for your own friend or daughter and costs 15.24 dollars.

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