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Wearable 2D and 3D Viewer

Virtual 750-inch screen and virtual 7.1 Surround Sound-wireless

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Enjoy the feeling of a 750-inch screen from 65 feet away with personal 2D and 3D head mounted viewer. Why watch videos on a small phone or tablet screen when you can get a movie theater experience anywhere. Fully immerse yourself in movie or video game by wirelessly connecting to :
  • Blu-Disc Player
  • Gaming Console
  • HDMI-Capable PC
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Device

Use built-in headphones or any other set of headphones for 7.1 surround sound. Frequent travelers will enjoy mobile battery and wireless connectivity and video game enthusiasts will love speedy game response and no screen lag. Everyone in between gamers and travelers will love the private big screen experience. 

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About the Wearable 2D and 3D Viewer, women and men happy in age from 9 years, who are interested in a gadgets or luxury gift. Therefore, this gift is ideal for children. The Wearable 2D and 3D Viewer costs 1,750.00 dollars.

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