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Wine By The Glass System

The access technology allows you to enjoy wine without pulling the cork

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Enjoy a single glass of wine at home without fear of letting the rest of the bottle go bad. Compare and contrast different varieties of wine without having to pull the cork and use the whole bottle. Wine by the glass system uses a thin, hollow medical grade needle to access wine through the cork  without oxidizing the remaining wine. When the trigger is pulled, the system pressurizes the bottle using argon, a gas commonly used in wine-making that does not affect taste. Releasing the trigger extracts wine through the needle and removing the needle allows the cork to reseal to keep the rest of the bottle fresh. Wine enthusiasts will love this revolutionary system that will change how you enjoy wine.

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About the Wine By The Glass System, women and men happy at the age of 30 to 59 years, who are interested in a lifestyle, luxury or wine + spirits gift. Therefore, this gift is ideal for the parents, the girlfriend or the friend. The Wine By The Glass System costs 299.00 dollars.

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